8 Parameters to arrive at Timing of Astrology

Here are actual parameters that you need to apply to your chart to predict timings of Marriage. have a look at them and try them on your or someone’s chart you know.


  1. Check for Promise of Marriage
  2. Check for Appropriate Dasha (Atleast 2 Dasha Confirmation: Vimshottari and Jaimini)




Connection of Mahadasha (MD) and AntarDasaha (AD) Lord with :

  • 7th House OR
  • 7th Lord OR
  • Lagna OR
  • Lagna Lord OR
  • Planets associated with them

In short, MD and AD Lords have to be associated with 1-7 Axis house or 1-7 Lord or Planets in 1-7 Axis House

All these should be checked in BOTH D1 and D9 Navamsha Chart


Chara AntarDasha Making a connection with

  • Darakarak (DK) 1
  • Darakarak NAvamsha (DKN)
  • Dara Pada (DP) 2
  • Up Pada Lagna (UP) 3
  • 7th Lord of D1 OR
  • 7th Lord of D9

In Short, AD Rashi of Jaimini Astrology should establish a connection by being in 1-7 axis with DK / DKN/ DP/ UPL/ 7L or by giving an aspect to them


Parameter 3: Vivah Saham

In Transit, Jupiter must aspect Vivah Saham (VS) – Obtained by adding Longitude of LL and 7L.The Rashi then obtained is the Vivah Saham Rashi


Sat and Jup in Transits must activate

  • Lagna
  • Lagna Lord
  • 7th House
  • 7th Lord
  • Vivah Saham

Parameter 5: Piya Milan

Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord will make a connection in transit Just before marriage

Parameter 6: Jupiter Activating Natal Venus /Mars

TRANSITING Jupiter Activates NATAL VENUS in MALE charts and NATAL MARS in Female Chart

Parameter 7:

Sun and Most Planets are around the Lagna Houseor the 7th HOUSE

Parameter 8:

Lagna LORD Transiting IN/NEAR 7th House OR


Apart from Parameters there are some Observationa also.


Transiting Sat aspects Dara Karka (DK) (Jaimini Aspect 4)
Or is in 1-7 axisfrom DK.

  1. Planet with the lowest degree is referred to as Darakarka in Jaimini Astrology
  2. The Darapada is the Pada of seventh house of marriage. Count the number of houses the 7th lord has moved from the 7th house. This many houses away from 7th lord placement is DARA PADA.
  3. Upapada Lagna: Count how many houses 12th lord is from 12th house. That many houses away from 12th lord is Upapada Lagna
  4. Signs have aspects. Carginal Signs (1,4,7,10) aspects Fixed signs (2,5,8,11) EXCEPT ONE NEXT TO IT. All Fixed Signs aspects Cardinal signs (1,4,7,10) EXCEPT ONE NEXT TO IT. ALL Mutable Signs (3,6,9,12) ASPECT EASH OTHER.


Checklist 1 : How to start for prediction of Astrology for timing of marriage



Here’s a


As stated By K N Rao

  1. Start with Saturn

  2. When sat reaches 8th from natal Saturn in transit – age of marriage


  3. Identify category of marriage – Early, Normal, Late

  4. See when Saturn aspects Jaimini Daraka


  1. Sat and Jup aspect Daraka (DK) and approve marriage

    Or by being in 1/7 axis i.e. Both in lagna or one in lagna and other in 7th house

  2. Sat and Jup aspects on eve of marriage

    The lagna or the lagna lord The 7th house or the 7th lord The lagna and the 7th lord The lagna lord and 7th house

Category Checklist:

1. Check 1st and 7th house
2. Check 2nd and 8th house
3. Check if any benefic retrograde
4. Check if Venus is combust
5. Check for malefic influence on 7th lord

Note: sun , rahu and ketu are mild malefics and sat and mars are strong malefics


EARLY MARRIAGE :(17-21 years):

  • 1/7 axis : benefics

  • 2/8 axis :no malefics

  • No retrograde benefic

  • No combust venus

  • 7th lord not under malefic influence


NORMAL MARRIAGE (21-24 years)

  • 1/7: Mild malefics

  • 2/8: Mild malefic

  • No retrograde benefics

  • No combust venus


LATE MARRIAGE (25-30 years)

  • malefic influence on7H, 7L

  • 1/7, 2/8: strong malefics

  • Retrograde benefics

  • Combust venus

  • Jupiter fights to get marriage solemnise


RULE: Saturn in transit aspects Natal Darakarka through Jaimini aspect


EXCEPTION: When sat transits in 7th house of lagna In case of delayed marriage ADD1-4 yrs after sat aspects (jaimini) Natal Daraka.


Marriage and Timing : Introduction

Hi !

In Practical Astrology, we will be covering the most important topic – MARRIAGE and Timing of Marriage. All of us are at anxious in some point of our life. Be it Our own Marriage or our children’s. Lets have a look at what to see in the charts to determine the timing of Marriage.


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Continue reading as we lay down the foundation on how to predict the timings from Birth Chart.


Marriage these days have changed significantly and so has the timing of marriage. 
In order to start predicting the timing of marriage from birth chart.   
We must check **the possibility of Marriage.**

After that we must Categories the timing of Marriage as
– Early
– Normal
– Late

We will elaborate more on this on next Blog. However, we will start directly with the CHECKLIST and PARAMETERS on how to get the timing of Marriage.

That will be the next blog – Check List Number 1.

Start applying those in your chart or someone who is already married to see its credibility
Followed by that shall be another Blog on Actual 8 Parameters to see and come to exact timing of marriage.

Houses Depicting Body Parts

Take a look at Houses Depicting Body Parts

In simpler terms for predictions – Afflicted / Spoiled Houses will give the diseases of that organ (This is just basic – there are many things to be seen apart from just this one !)


The Parts are based on concept of Kalapurusha. Note that your birth chart is actually the sky.

The ‘Kaala Pursha’ or the ‘Cosmic Man’ is a deep concept of Vedic astrology and can be explained in many ways. Jyothisha or Astrology (particularly the Vedic astrology) is regarded as Vedanga or a part of the ancient Vedas. There is a Vedic Hymn called “Purusha sukta” which explains the concept of universe and the constituent parts of the universes.

It describes the Virat purusha or the primordial being who is the motive power behind the mathematically precise universes which keep doing its function as ordained by him.

Kaala means time in Sanskrit. Every thing is consumed by time except the Virat purusha.
Virat means very big and so big that human mind cannot conceive its size.

So the purusha (male entity) who is beyond time and who rules over the all destructive time is known as Kaala purusha (Adapted From: http://www.soothsayers-india.com/Concept-of-the-Kala-Purusha-in-astrology.html)


It is this kaal purusha that is in Sky and based on its placements the houses are their representations of Body Parts.


Houses Depicting Relationships

Take a look at following Diagram:

Understand which house represents what relationship – it will help you in your readings.


So, in simpler terms for predictions if your 8th house is spoiled – Relation with your in-laws will be in trouble.

*** Note that Father is included for Both 9th house and 10th House. Some Books consider 10th house for readings of Father – Some 9h house. You choose what’s best for you.