#11 Houses – Kendra Houses

The Kendra represents “CENTER” in Hindi. There is a popular term in India called as the “Kendra Sarkar” which means the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT.

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So, using  the analogy, this are the 4 most important houses in one’s birth chart – They are the pillars of the life. These are the Houses (Not signs) – 1,4,7,10.


The center four square are referred to as KENDRA Houses – as they form pillars of life. Recollect from old blog –

What does 1st House represent ? SELF, 

What does 4th House represent ? HOME, HAPPINESS

What does 7th House Represent ? MARRIAGE (SPOUSE)

What does 10 th house represent ? CAREER – PROFESSIONAL LIFE

Aren’t they the pillars of Life ? 


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#10 What is this House stuff ???

Well you are told there are 12 houses but what are they ?????

Its entire SPACE / SKY represented on a paper in the form of box…

See earth is a sphere. Therefore it has 360 degrees of dimensions. Any circle/sphere in short has 360 degrees.

Our ancestor viewed stars and planet from earth and used them for predictions. So earth is considered as center. So supposing you are on earth and seeing Venus the morning star – how will you tell others where Venus is located in this particular place ?

Well you would say its in the East .. but where in east ??? So to pinpoint with accuracy we have degrees. Know the GPS Co-ordinates to locate a thing like 24 N 12 E ?? yes that’s a location.


Consider, the center of this circle as EARTH. Lets say NORTH is at 90 degree, South at 270, West at 180 and east at 0 degree. So you could say that Venus is located at 30 degree in the East. So others could pinpoint it also and you have a place located with respect to earth.


So, we all know there are 12 ZODIAC SIGNS. So if we  divide the earth’s circle of 360 degrees by 12 Zodaic Signs… What do we get >>>> 12.

So, there are 12 house in birth chart and each house as an extent of 30 degrees. 

Lets consider an example diagram:


So this kind of how a circle around the center on earth is divided. Each house is of 30 degrees. Horizon is a place where earth and sky appear to meet. This diagram is an EXAMPLE AND NOT actual House placement.

So this 12 houses are represented on Birth Chart in the form of box with 12 divisions.


So consider, this Birth Chart as a SKY and you are the earth and you are observing the sky. 


See, from earth by looking at the Sky (Birth Chart) where is Venus is placed.

Well, Now you can say – Venus is in 9th house  and placed in Sign of Virgo (6) with Sun.

Amazing isn’t it ??

See yourself as a Sage observing the Sky (Birth Chart) and predicting future.

Can you tell me where moon is placed ???

Answer: Moon is in 5th house in the sign of Tauras…


  1. Your Birth Chart actually represents the SKY at the time at which birth took place with placement of planets
  2. Each house is 30 degrees (Degrees vary – its not exact 30 but for understanding keep it to 30)
  3. Using the Chart as SKY you can tell the Exact location of Planets in the sky


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#9 Bhavat Bhavam


Well, this is a concept in Astrology called as Bhavat Bhavam.

Lets start with an example.
Supposing you are seeing an astrological reading for children of a person from the person’s chart. Then to see the person’s children you refer his 5th house. Right ? (#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses 5-8))

But for children you also see 9th house, WHY ???

Well this is the Bhavat Bhavam concept…..See that 9th house is 5th to the 5th house (Follow rules of previous blog for counting). SO this is the Bhavat Bhavam Concept.

Like for Career, Say you see the 10th house – that’s fine straight forward. But as per BHAVAT BHAVAM Concept you also have to see the 10th from the 10th House which is the 7th house – This is the Bhavat Bhavam Concept

It literally translates to Bhava means House in Sanskrit. SO BHAVAT BHAVAM is the House’s House 

Example with different outlook:

Now imagine I had a person’s chart and his father is not currently with him. But the boy wants to know about his Father’s Career and his does not have his father’s chart. So how do you See.. well that’s simple:

All you have to see is the house of Father .. Which is ? Yes the 9th House which represents father. So we know from basics that 10th house in the person’s chart represents his career/ profession.

So in order to see father’s Profession/career we consider Father’s 9th house of Boy’s Chart as 1st House and count 10 houses (as 10th house represents Career) from 9th house of father to see Father’s Career.

So, Counting 10 (Follow Rules as stated in previous blog) it comes to 6th house of the birth chart.

THIS 6th HOUSE of boy (for boy – 6 represents difficulties, job, disease, accidents) represents FATHER’s CAREER (as it is 10th to the Father’s House)

So Father’s Profession can be seen from 6th house of birth chart.

This is an example – The concept can be expanded to all queries.

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#8 House – Counting errors !!!


Well this blog may seem to be the stupidest for the knowers of Astrology. But for the newbies – It is something very important….


Well how do you count a particular House from a house lets say 4th house from 7th. See below


So how do you count 4th house from the 7th house ? CAN YOU ? LET’s SEE….

Did you answer ?

  1. 11th house ??? Like counting from 7th. So – next is 8th then 9th and then 10th and then 11th ??? (Like Say for example what is 4th to 16 ? So you count from next number as 17…., then 18…., then 19… and 20….Right ? Or you may simply add 16+4=20. SO THE NUMBER 4th to 16th is 20 – that’s right mathematically !)
  2. OR the 10th House ???


for Astrology, if you said 11th house you are Wrong.

When you count for charts (ITS A RULE – Don’t ask me Why?) Count from the number itself. So when you are asked to locate 4th house from 7th – You should count STARTING from 7th ITSELF, then 8th, then 9th and finally 10th (At 4th) – So, its the 10th house.

So now tell me, in this chart below:


What is the 5th house to the 3rd house ???


#2 Houses – Basics of Kundli

#3 Houses – Basics of Kundli – Example

Refer in case of confusion…

So, What is the 5th house to the 3rd house ???

If you count – then : 3rd house ITSELF is 1st, 4th house is 2nd, 5th house is 3rd, 6th house is 4th and 7th house is 5th.

So answer is 7th house is 5th to the 3rd house..

Well I think its easy ..Reread the blog…


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#7 Houses – Part 3 (Houses 9-12)

Lets continue…

Please read old posts for background

#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses 5-8)

#5 Houses – Part 1 (Houses 1-4)

#4 Houses – Basics of Kundli

So, House 9 Represents:

  1. Your luck: As in How lucky you feel in this life
  2. Religion
  3. YOUR FATHER – Some take 10th house as Father – But as per Indian Texts it is better to consider 9th house as House of Father
  4. YOUR TEACHERS – Their teachings
  5. Represents HIGHER STUDIES – Like Post graduation


The 10th House represents:

  1. Your REPUTATION – How people see you
  2. Its the house of Karma Bhava – Often Careers are seen from this
  3. Some books consider this house as the Father – Directly opposite to 4th house of Mother


The 11th House represents – 

  1. Your Incoming gains – Income
  2. Network Circle
  3. Your friends – as in friends that help you gain business
  6. How Ambitious are you ?
  7. Connection to some institution/ Organisations


The 12th House represents – 

  1. Spirituality
  2. Isolation
  3. Hospitals/ JAIL
  4. Bed Pleasures
  5. It also represents LEFT EYE
  6. Its the house of Moksha
  8. Note that  is 12th to first house of self  – so represents higher self / spirituality. Like what happens when you die. 


Please do not go to literal meaning of houses. How and what representation comes into play as you learn details of Astrology. At Present just know this much !

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#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses 5-8)

Continued from…

#5 Houses – Part 1 (Houses 1-4)

Lets See the remaining Houses:

5th House: represents – 

  1. Love, Romance
  2. Creativity
  3. Speculation / Gambling
  4. Investment in Stock Markets
  7. Body Part: Stomach 

lyskejf5 2dgfpaq6 indian-share-market creativity1  children-03 k16414888


6th House represents: – ITS A BAD HOUSE – Refered to as ” Dustana” House

  1. Obstructions, Difficulties
  2. Conflicts
  3. Diseases
  4. Accidents
  5. Debts
  6. Litigation
  7. Daily routines
  8. Every day mundane life
  9. Body Part: Intestine


7th House- represents:

  1. Your Spouse
  2. Marriage
  3. Business Partnership
  4. Court Cases
  5. represents OTHER PEOPLE whom you deal with
  6. Body Part: KIDNEY

download        Court.Case.Candle.qkx          other-people-logo-og          spouse-clipart-man-and-woman-dancing-clip-art


8th House: – Its also a DUSTANA House (Considered bad)


  2. DEATH
  4. Transformation/ Change
  5. Anything Hidden – SECRETS
  6. Anything Below Ground
  7. Represents MARRIED LIFE
  9. Occultism
  10. Body Part: – Anus, Genitals

8th.jpg    7-ways-to-maintain-charm-in-your-married-life    death-pictures-10    nutrition-sexual-lifeoccult_mainbanner_2

Don’t get confused .. How can death and Married life be representation of same house. Its just that you see this things from the house. There is a definite Order on How life progresses from and there is a Bhavat Bhavam Concept that we will cover later….Note that its 2nd to 7th house of Marriage – meaning life close to marriage – So represents Married Life AND it is 12th to 9th house of Luck – anything that is 12th to the house represent losses. SO 12th to Luck is Loss of Luck – Death/ Sudden Events/ Changes/ Misfortunes.

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#5 Houses – Part 1 (Houses 1-4)

Well we saw – What and where the houses are located in the birth chart.

Note that there are 12 Houses in a Birth Chart.

Each house has its own significations/ nature/ characteristics.


This is Signification – Like The above symbol in green and stem is SIGNIFIED in English by the term – TREE. So when i say TREE in English – you can visualize the image of tree.

That is Signification.

Like For Example, You may have a Row house, Apartment, Commercial Building, Government Bungalow – Note that a government bungalow represents government activities and commercial Buildings represent business – Residents do not live or sleep their.

So, in Gross –


What does Each House Represent ?

1st House: represents-

  1. You, Your Self
  2. Your physical body
  3. How you look 
  4. Your Life in general
  5. There are other significations too – at present we stick to few important only
  6. Body Part: Head representation


2nd House: represents-

  1. Something that is valuable to you 
  2. Something close to you 
  3. Your Family
  4. Your Assets – Savings
  5. Your Speech
  6. Body Part: Your RIGHT EYE


3rd House represents-

  1. Your Courage
  2. The Efforts you put in 
  3. Creativity like communication, media
  5. Hearing ability is seen through 3rd house
  6. Body Part: Hand


4th House represents:

  1. Your Mother
  2. Happiness in Life
  3. Properties, Conveyances like car, luxury
  4. Represents your home
  5. Your School days and Childhood
  6. BODY PART: Shoulder, Heart and Lung


What is the importance of this significance ?

Lets say your 3rd house is spoiled by the presence of Bad planetary combination. So what happens ?

The Significations of that house suffers:

  • Like Say – You may have to work very hard to achieve Success, it does not come easy
  • You may have a hearing problem OR Disease related to Hands
  • Faulty Communication – people may misunderstand you
  • Bad relation with younger brother/ sister

So, if 3rd house is bad does that mean all this things happen ?  NO.These can happen but it also depend on what signification of the house will get spoiled based on planets – we will cover later.

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