#4 Houses – Basics of Kundli

Have a look at the table if its still difficult to understand..

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#2 Houses – Basics of Kundli and

#3 Houses – Basics of Kundli – Example

Look at the table below:


Article: By Dr. Rujit Desai

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#2 Houses – Basics of Kundli

Yesterday we had a look at the North Indian Kundli. Let’s have a look at the South Indian Kundli:


Notice the entire chart has a different look.

How to read ?

Ok, First look at Number 1 and see how numbers progress from 1 to 12. This is how the counting is done – CLOCKWISE. Note that in North Indian Chart the counting is done COUNTERCLOCKWISE.

So this numbers represents SIGN NUMBERS and NOT HOUSE NUMBER. See, Gemini is the chart ? The number next to it is the SIGN NUMBER (There are 12 Zodiac Signs – numbered from 1 to 12, Gemini is 3rd).

Note that HOUSE NUMBERING IS DIFFERENT FROM SIGN NUMBERING. We will cover that in the next blog with example.

So, this is the DEFAULT placement of Signs for this chart.

Note that:

  1. In NORTH INDIAN CHART: The HOUSE NUMBERS are fixed and default counting from 1 to 12 houses in counterclockwise direction.


Notice in the above North Indian chart, THE HOUSE NUMBERING IS FIXED. No matter where (for example) Gemini – Sign no. 3 is placed. So Gemini may be place in 7th house. i.e 3rd Sign Gemini is in 7th house.



Note that Aries – the 1st sign always start From 2nd Box of 1st row of squares. HERE SIGN PLACEMENT ALWAYS REMAINS FIXED FOR ALL CHARTS

Can you see the A line marked on Virgo sign ??

Well, for this chart, that box forms the 1st House. So, the 3rd house for this chart will contain which sign ?

Answer: Scorpio (Counting 3rd from Virgo) – The 1st house is itself counted as One.

Notice that House counting may start anywhere BUT The sign placement in boxes always remains the same in a SOUTH INDIAN CHART.

We will consider one example in the coming blog.

Don’t worry if you find it complicating…It will clear out. Just re-read the blog once again.

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#1. Houses: Basics of Kundli

by: Dr. Rujit Desai

Have your ever seen a horoscope ? Yes, indeed you must have even if you dont believe in astrology… you must have seen somewhere

Below is the chart you must have seen commonly:


This is a Kundli (or Horoscope) It consists of  Square with 2 diagonals and 4 other lines from midpoint of border lines. That just gets complicated. Simply look at the figure above.

Each section in the box is called as house (may be a square or triangle in the larger square).

The houses are counted as below:


Note the word rising sign that is the place where you start counting as House Number 1,2,3 and so on… Note that counting the houses is from 1 to 12 in the ANTI-CLOCKWISE direction.

Thus, a KUNDLI is basic a birth chart with 12 houses. 

There are 2 type of Kundli in India. They are:


The above diagram is that of North Indian Style. It is most frequently used and easy to understand. I prefer the North Indian Style of Kundli (as stated above).

South Indian Style of Kundli I Shall explain in my next blog.

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