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#6 Equinox -Uttarayana and Dakshinayana on the Birth Chart

We know that the Birth chart or the Kundli actually the SKY represented on PAPER.

So lets see how the Sun travels in NORTHERN – UTTARAYANA and SOUTHERN – DAKSHINAYANA in the Birth Chart:


The Numbers shown here are NOT the House Numbers BUT RASHI – So When the Ascendant is ARIES this is how the UTTARAYANA and the DAKSHINAYANA is represented on the Birth Chart.


  1. Sun is actually in Cancer Sign when it is at Tropic of Cancer (Summer Solstice)
  2. When Sun enters Capricorn (10) Uttarayana or Northward Movement of Sun starts.(Tropic of Capricorn)
  3. Transit of Sun from CANCER (4) to SAGITTARIUS (9) Represents Dakshinayana or the Southward Movement of Sun or the Winter/ Fall/ Autumn Season.
  4. Transit of Sun from CAPRICORN (10) to GEMINI (9) Represents Uttarayana or the Northward Movement of Sun or the Summer and Spring Season.



  1. Say you were born when Sun was in Leo..What Can you interpret ASTRONOMICALLY ?
    1. Ok, So You were born when the Sun was in Daskinayana moving from Tropic of Cancer to Equinox.
    2. Being Leo Sign – the month would be around August
  2. All Malefic planets like Mars, Saturn are active during Dakshinayana and Benefic planets are active during Uttarayana. (there is more – but at present lets limit here)


The Next Blog is our 50th Blog and on account of it I would like to blog on an important article – of KARMA and The all Confusion of whose in control – DESTINY OR FREE-WILL.

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How to learn the Art of  Prediction through Retrograde Research ?

(For knowers of Astrology)

Do you often look at Birth charts and end up giving wrong predictions ?

And how often do you loose confidence on wrong prediction ?

Why not convert the Prospective way of Prediction to a Research of Retrograde type ?

This is also a way told as the best way to learn astrology by Mr. K N Rao.

Heres an insight that changes the attitude of Learning the Art of Prediction from whether the Prediction went Right/Wrong to focus on Why and How things happened…

Take a look..

Instead of directly predicting things and going wrong. Convert prediction to astrological research of Retrograde Nature

Start with :

To Predict: write your prediction

Explaination: write why you predict so based on astrological principles

: observe the event when it happens at a later date.

Inference: Infer why you went wrong or how far your prediction proved correct. If wrong why it went wrong and if correct – see what principles you used to arrive at your predictions

Try your approach of Prediction this way – RETROGRADE RESEARCH and see the advantages:

1. Helps you learn

2. Helps you to apply Astrological Principles

3. Helps you understand analytically where you went wrong on which principle and why.

4. Does not make you loose confidence. 
Go ahead and give a try…

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Birth Chart and Sky: Planetary Motion -4

The second type of the motion that planets show in sky is PROPER MOTION or their actual motion. This Motion is from WEST TO EAST and from one sign to the other (From Aries then Tauras and then Gemini ….till Pisces and from Pisces back to Aries)

Refer Previous Blog..Continued…


All planets stay in a rashi/sign (Note Rashi is different from House – the house contains a rashi) for a particular period of time. This is the actual time the planets take to revolve around sun. BUT, we are seeing all this from Earth as center.

So, following are planets and time it stays in a Rashi/ Sign:

1. Saturn: 2 and half years in a Sign

2. Jupiter: 1 year in a sign

3. Venus approx 35 days in a sign

4. Mercury approx 15-16 days in a sign

5. Mars, Sun, Venus approx 1 month. Its not exact one month…varies for each planet but is fixed. The exact values I am not giving here as it will make too much jargon to memorize. Understand the concept first.

6. Moon takes 2 and half days to cross a sign/house.

Look at the diagram:



  1. All planets move from WEST TO EAST (From 1st to 7th via 4 – See previous Blogs)
  2. All planets move in ANTI CLOCKWISE MOTION
  3. This is the true motion of planets as they move – irrespective how they appear to move form earth.
  4. Saturn is currently (in diagram) is in Scorpio (8) – 4th house.
  5. After 2 and half years it will move to Sagittarius (in diagram) – 5th House
  6. Jupiter is in 7th house in AQUARIUS (11) and will move to 8th House – Pisces (12) in one year. This is actual motion of planets.
  7. This proper motion is slow – compared to DAILY MOTION.


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What is Ayanamsha ?

We saw Zodiac in the last blog. Remember there is only one Zodiac. Do not confuse the term Zodiac with Zodiac Signs.

But to locate the Zodiac Belt – there are 2 ways. A zodiac belt may be located by:

  1. Fixed Stars called as SIDEREAL ZODIAC or
  2. Based on apparent Sun position (Equinox) at about spring. (Mar-Apr) called as TROPICAL ZODIAC

We know that Tropical Zodiac is based on Sun placement and it changes by 1 degree by every 72 years.

Remember the old diagram from Last blog on Zodiac Belt:


This is simple straight forward Zodiac Belt.

Now consider – for example today i want to locate the Zodiac Belt. I would be locating Both by fixed stars (SIDEREAL) and Sun’s apparent position (TROPICAL). It would be found that THESE TWO WILL NOT COINCIDE. That is because Sidereal Zodiac is Fixed based on stars/constellation. But Tropical Zodiac Belt is based on Sun’s Position in spring (Equinox) and it changes by 1 degree every 72 years. So its not fixed. Therefore, the two cannot coincide.


In the above Diagram – Orange belt is the SIDEREAL ZODIAC and the Green belt is the TROPICAL ZODIAC. Note that Zodiac Belt is the same but since they are measured differently there is some difference in their origin. Here the difference is exaggerated in the diagram, just to show the difference.


The Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs coincide in some 28000 to 29000 years.


Currently there are many ayanamsha developed by different individuals. Based on dating the time when the coinciding of the Sidereal and Tropical Zodiac happened there are different AYANAMSHA. Like: According to:

  1. Lahiri – Chitra Ayannamsha: 
    1. According to him – Coincidence happened in some 285 AD
    2. Most Commonly used for predictions
  2. Krishnamurti Ayanamsha:
    1. According to him – Coincidence happened in 291 AD
  3. Raman Ayanamsha:
    1. According to him – Coincidence happened in 397 AD


Importance of Ayanamsha:

Since planets play in Zodiac Belt wrong calculation of Ayanamsha will result in wrong placement of Planets since zodiac origin is only wrongly calculated. Thereby giving all wrong predictions.


A sidereal zodiacal position can be converted to tropical by adding ayanamsha(Distance) for the year in question to the sidereal zodiac position

Example for year 2000, Ayanamsha was 23 degree 51 minutes as per Lahiri Ayanamsha means distance between Sidereal and Tropical Zodiac was 23 degree and 52 minutes.

As per Raman Ayanamsha the distance was 22 degree 24 minutes. in the year 2000.

If you dont understand give  a reading of previous blogs. This is BASIC. But now-a-days Computer does all calculations so dont worry… You just have to click on the Ayanamsha and the calculations will be done.

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Astronomy – The Zodiac Part 2

Please read the previous blog before reading this one.


What to See?

  1. See the horizon (labelled in diagram). Horizon is a plane where earth and sky seem to meet.
  2. See where EAST and WEST are placed in the Diagram
  3. Notice the Sun position (it may be around 10 am). See ECLIPTIC – Sun’s path as Solid line with arrows.
  4. See the Zodiac – Area between dotted lines (See previous Blog)
  5. Note that All constellation/Signs and Planets will always be seen IN the Zodiac in the Sky.
  6. See the 1st sign rising in the east – It is CANCER. SO if you are born here at 10:00 am with Sun in Gemini your ascendant is Cancer. So, Ascendant is SIGN RISING IN THE EAST at Birth.
  7. Also Notice planets in the Zodiac – Moon in Tauras, Jupiter in Aries,Venus and Saturn in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius.
  8. Note that other 6 signs and remaining planets are not visible here. It means that they are visible to other half of of earth which is under Sun’s Shadow that is in Night time.

Important Concepts:

  1. Note that Signs/ Constellation APPEARS TO MOVE as actually earth rotates. Each sign moves after 2 and half hour approximately. So, after 2 and half hour the next sign in East will be LEO. (Actually the signs/constellation forming the Zodiac are fixed – but they appear to us moving as Earth is rotating. Planets also move – they are not fixed but seen on earth as moving in Zodiac along ECLIPTIC.
  2. Each Sign is basically a group of fixed stars called as Constellation.
  3. Signs APPEAR to move as Earth Rotates
  4. Planets Move But within the Zodiac only. They have their own orbits around Sun which is Oval/ elliptical as we know. But here we are Seeing it FROM EARTH AS CENTER. So things change and movement appears within Zodiac.
  5. Don’t Confuse the term ELLIPTICAL (its shape of orbits of planets around Sun) and ECLIPTIC (Orbit of Sun around earth as it appears from Earth)

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