Astronomy – The Zodaic

Well, understanding of ASTRONOMY is the most important for Astrology.

Our ancestors looked at the sky from earth and made predictions based on planets and their positions.

Though the Earth moves around the Sun.On Earth, Sun appears to be moving around the Earth in a particular orbit called as “ECLIPTIC”

8 degrees north and 8 degrees South of this orbit (Ecliptic) as seen from Earth is a region that forms a band/belt called as ZODIAC/ ZODIAC BELT.

From Earth all Planets and Fixed stars are to be seen in this ZODIAC BELT only. 

Thus, the Zodiac belt may be said to have all fixed star groups – constellations/signs and all planets seem to be moving along this direction.


See the diagram – The Solid line around center earth is ECLIPTIC – Sun’s orbit of movement as it appears from earth. (This is a diagrammatic representation). It is a circle though shown here as Oval. Therefore it is of 360 degrees.

This Ecliptic orbit circle with 8 degree North and 8 degree South to ecliptic as seen from earth is referred to as Zodiac is a CIRCLE. Therefore has 360 degrees. Based on constellations found they have been divided into 12 equal parts. Each Part is of 30 degrees. 

Note that Zodiac is of 360 degrees and each degree is 60′ minutes of arc and each minute of arch is divided into 60″ seconds.

ZODIAC has 2 Names though it is ONE ONLY but is measured by different means:

  1. TROPICAL ZODIAC – Commonly used by Western Astrology
    1. Here Sun’s position is calculated based on its apparent position at the start of the Spring which is called as EQUINOX (Vernal Equinox).
    2. It is seen that it changes in 72 years approx by about 1 degree.
    3. Also Known as Movable Zodiac
    4. The 12 divisions of Tropical Zodiac is referred to as “SIGNS”
  2. SIDEREAL ZODIAC – Commonly used by Vedic Indian Astrology
    1. Here the Zodiac Belt is identified based on fixed stars that are seen from earth
    2. It is also known as Fixed Zodiac
    3. The 12 divisions of Sidereal Zodiac is referred to as “CONSTELLATIONS”



E – represents Earth and Sun is shown in orange. The solid circular line with arrows is the Sun’s apparent orbit around the Earth called as ECLIPTIC. The dotted round circle represents ZODIAC  (the area within inner and outer dotted/dash line circles). The 360 degrees circle is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each. 

Well, what is astrology here – EVERYTHING we will see as we learn…

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#10 What is this House stuff ???

Well you are told there are 12 houses but what are they ?????

Its entire SPACE / SKY represented on a paper in the form of box…

See earth is a sphere. Therefore it has 360 degrees of dimensions. Any circle/sphere in short has 360 degrees.

Our ancestor viewed stars and planet from earth and used them for predictions. So earth is considered as center. So supposing you are on earth and seeing Venus the morning star – how will you tell others where Venus is located in this particular place ?

Well you would say its in the East .. but where in east ??? So to pinpoint with accuracy we have degrees. Know the GPS Co-ordinates to locate a thing like 24 N 12 E ?? yes that’s a location.


Consider, the center of this circle as EARTH. Lets say NORTH is at 90 degree, South at 270, West at 180 and east at 0 degree. So you could say that Venus is located at 30 degree in the East. So others could pinpoint it also and you have a place located with respect to earth.


So, we all know there are 12 ZODIAC SIGNS. So if we  divide the earth’s circle of 360 degrees by 12 Zodaic Signs… What do we get >>>> 12.

So, there are 12 house in birth chart and each house as an extent of 30 degrees. 

Lets consider an example diagram:


So this kind of how a circle around the center on earth is divided. Each house is of 30 degrees. Horizon is a place where earth and sky appear to meet. This diagram is an EXAMPLE AND NOT actual House placement.

So this 12 houses are represented on Birth Chart in the form of box with 12 divisions.


So consider, this Birth Chart as a SKY and you are the earth and you are observing the sky. 


See, from earth by looking at the Sky (Birth Chart) where is Venus is placed.

Well, Now you can say – Venus is in 9th house  and placed in Sign of Virgo (6) with Sun.

Amazing isn’t it ??

See yourself as a Sage observing the Sky (Birth Chart) and predicting future.

Can you tell me where moon is placed ???

Answer: Moon is in 5th house in the sign of Tauras…


  1. Your Birth Chart actually represents the SKY at the time at which birth took place with placement of planets
  2. Each house is 30 degrees (Degrees vary – its not exact 30 but for understanding keep it to 30)
  3. Using the Chart as SKY you can tell the Exact location of Planets in the sky


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#4 Houses – Basics of Kundli

Have a look at the table if its still difficult to understand..

This shall clear up…

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Article: By Dr. Rujit Desai

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