Something you need to Read !

Hi !

I am Dr. Rujit Desai (M.D.S) a dentist by profession and specifically interested in Astrology. I have spent hours reading lots of books and have studied lots of charts of friends, friends of friends, relatives, close ones and of those received through this platform.

The blog is a direct manifestation with aim of not getting followers but at its deepest level of making notes for myself. With the vast quality and unending extent of Astrological information it became a need for me to make notes – So i can save them at a place where it can be accessed anywhere without getting lost. Plus making notes help me remember better and make my memory sharper.

Sometimes with such a lot of information I often wonder if this so called Astrologers (No offence !) even know or remember such wide variety of concepts and by far its applications on the chart. Being at active student and a doctor I myself at times feel overwhelmed by the astrological information !

So, one of the way I found was to save my notes as blog – FOR MYSELF and keep the vast knowledge fresh. But, why not share the knowledge and make it easy for new comer to learn astrology – As once I was – TOTALLY BAFFLED. I have learnt Tarot as passion AND HAD POSTPONED READING ASTROLOGY for more than a year just with a thought IT WAS JUST TOO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND.

But then it started and with continuous reading and studying charts after and in between free times of clinic hours and late nights – with 3 years of study of astrology and with more than 15000 views of this blog – this side perks are a thrill – while the quest for astrological quest will continue – Rahu in the 1st house ! 🙂

Thank you for your support !

If you wish to contact me fill in the details and I will reply you as time permits. Thanks.