Case Study : From Child Birth Parameters (Father’s Chart)

A case is presented Here. We will check the applicability of parameters discussed earlier on this chart and check if those parameters actually hold true. Please go through Child Birth Parameters first: 

Fathers Chart: Birth and D7:


  1. Child Giving Planets:
      1. Mars (5th Lord), Jupiter, Moon
      2. Rahu and Venus natural child givers
    • In D7:
      1. Mars (by aspect to 5th house)
      2. Mercury (5th Lord)
  2. The dasha at time of Marriage – May 1984 is Rahu-Moon
  3. Subsequent Dasha are: Rahu-Mars, Jup-Jup, Jup- Sat and so on
  4. Note that Jupiter is 6th Lord of obstruction also So further child birth was not possible in Jup Mahadasha
  5. Birth of Child took place in Mahadasha of RAHU – Natural child giver and antardasha of Rahu-Mars. Note that Mahadasha of Rahu does not promise multiple children as it is not child giving planet for this horoscope.
  6. Mars is the 5th Lord and in the 5th house and in D7 aspects 5th house from 2nd house – a promise of child.
    • We analyze transits after marriage
    • Saturn:
      1. In Libra (7)
      2. Moves to Scorpio in Dec 1984
      3. It is interesting to note that since Dec 1984 – Saturn was on 5th house
      4. In D7: From Scorpio aspects the 5th Lord Mercury
    • Jupiter:
      • Jupiter in Sagittarius till Jan 1985 and then moves to Capricorn in Jan 1985
      • Became Retrograde in Jun 1984
      • From Capricorn it aspects the 9th Lord – Jupiter
      • In retrogression it also acts from 5th House
      • In D7: In Capricorn, it is over 9th house and aspects the 5th house
    • Mars:
      • In May 1985 – in Tauras
      • In Jun-July – in Gemini
      • In August – In Cancer
      • From Both Tauras and Gemini – Mars aspects the 5th House – WITHIN 90 Days of Birth
      • D7:
        1. In Tauras it is over 5th Lord mercury in ascendant
        2. In 2nd house it is over Natal Mars aspecting the 5th
    •  Moon:
      1. WITHIN 3 days of Birth:
        1. Moon was in Virgo and Libra within this range of 22 August 1985
        2. In D7 – Moon is over 5th House
        3. In Birth Chart – From Virgo aspects the 9th


____________________________________________________________________________________________Mother’s Chart will be discussed in Next Blog…

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ChildBirth Parameters – A Concise View

If the last 2 blogs of the series seemed daunting. Have a look below for all the parameters on 1 page – Take a print and see for the same in your birth chart or anybody’s chart whom you know closely.

The Parameters to be checked are as follows:

  1. The Dasha and Antardasha
    1. If Mahadasha of Planet giving child bearing continues with suitable aspects there may be multiple childbirths
    2. Antardasha of the child giving planets promise childbirth if backed by transits
    1. Within 9 months of birth of child, JUPITER and SATURN must have aspected or be in (during transits): (ANY 1)
      • 5th House
      • 5th Lord
      • 9th House
      • 9th Lord
    2. Within 75 days/ 2 and half month of DeliveryMars should be in or aspected: (ANY 1)
      • 5th House
      • 5th Lord
      • 9Th House
      • 9th Lord
    3. Within 3 days of birth of child, Moon should be in / aspected: (ANY 1)
      1. 5th house
      2. 5th Lord
      3. 9th House
      4. 9th Lord
      5. Moon sign of any one parent
      6. Lagna of any one planet
  1. The above parameters shall be studied in Birth chart and D7 chart and in some cases D9 chart.

3. Child Birth Through Transits – The Parameters

The Blog contains parameters to see possibility of childbirth using transits of planets. Parameters are rules that can be applied in the birth chart to predict or check their correlation to reality.
For new readers / new comers please start with basics. This is an advanced Blog.
RULES – BEFORE BIRTH ASPECTS (ASPECTS Means Looks / Drishti of Planets)
Saturn should have aspected the
  • 5th house
  • 5th Lord
  • 9th House
  • 9th Lord
Retrograde motion gives effects from previous house also
Jupiter should also have aspected
Mars should have aspected any of the four above given points BUT WITHIN 75 days – 2 1/2 months— prepares mother to delivery
So SUN and MARS can be used to predict month of delivery
Sun must also touch the 5th house or 5th lord/9th house/9th lord
RULE 4: 
Moon should have aspected ANY of above 4 points OR
So can be used to predict week of the delivery
AT BIRTH or A DAY OR TWO BEFORE Birth of child The MOON OF THE NEW BORN will be either in
  • Lagna of father or mother
  • On the 5th lord/ 5th house/ 9th lord/ 9th house of mather or father
  • Sometimes moon sign of parents
 In the next blog we shall see how this blog applies on a birth chart.