What is Ascendant, Moon Sign and Sun Sign ?

If you have been reading astrology to know your future, you often come across this terms – Moon or Chandra Rashi, Sun Sign (Western Astrology) and Ascendant (Or the Lagna)

So are you Leo ? or Aquarius ? or Capricorn – No WAIT !!!

Newspaper say my Sun sign as per my Birth date is Aquarius but my Astrologer (Jyotish) says you are Makkar (Capricorn) with Leo Lagna (Ascendant)

Well, what does that mean dont Get Confused ? We crack them all …

You know we see Birth chart as the sky – the sky at the time of your birth. Not today’s sky.

Note where your Sun is placed: In which Sign ? – that becomes your SUN SIGN.

Note where Moon is placed in which sign of the sky the day and time you were born – that becomes your MOON SIGN.

The Ascendant or the Lagna is the SIGN (Not Planet) that rises in the EAST when you were born (or the 1st house)

Lets take an Example. Lets say someone just took birth 2-3 days back. Lets say, 22 October, 2016 at 2:24 pm IST in Mumbai, India.

The Sky at the time of Birth can be represented as below:


Can you point out > What is Sun Sign ? > What is Moon Sign ? > What is Lagna (Ascendant) ?

Sun Sign: Find out where Sun is ? In which Rashi (Not House). Sun is in Libra(7). Sun Sign is LIBRA

You know the Newspaper Horoscope > It says Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23): So since the person was born on 22 October, 2016 – he looks Libra Sun sign for his/her fortune. And see the birth chart – Sun is also in Libra.

Moon Sign / Chandra Rashi: Find out where Moon is ? In which Rashi (Not House). Moon is in Gemini(3). Moon Sign is GEMINI. Note that Moon sign is important as it gives the frame of your mind – Moon is Mind – and in India, Indians get their initial named after Chandra Rashi – Like for Libra -If your moon sign is Libra – your name should start with – Ra, Ru, Re,… In India Astrology TV Readings are based on Moon Signs.

Ascendant / Lagna: It is the Sign rising in the east at the time of Birth. East is represented by the 1 st house. So, Lagna here is CAPRICORN (10)

I hope I have reduced your confusion little…


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#16 Houses – Dustana Houses

What is Dustana – well in Hindi and Sanskrit it means BAD (DUSTha)

Houses – 6,8,12 are considered as BAD HOUSES or DUSTANA

Its not that they are bad, they help us clear the Karmic Balance – but in the material world it is painful, right ?

What does 6th House represent ?

  1. Routines – Boring isn’t it ?
  2. Diseases – You like one – here take one – Cancer will do ?
  3. Job – You like 9 to 5 life ? I bet you if you do..
  4. Obstructions – Oh yeah you gotta race today on your sports bike and the bike does not start …
  5. DEBTS: I remember you owe me 1 million dollar ?? Do you like it ??
  6. DIVORCES: it’s indeed painful
  7. COURT CASES: Well in India you better not have one… it will last with no result till you die..At foreign countries you still better don’t have one…Coz you will still die of conviction.
  8. Accidents: Do i need to say something ?

What does 8th House represents ?

  1. Death – You like it ? Well ok, what if I said of some one you like ? Wait before you kill me – Read first…
  2. Sudden Change – Like say your boss says here’s your termination letter – It’s good in a way – you can find a better job – but its bad right ? where will money pour in till that time – will you find a job indeed a better one than this one..
  3. Chronic Disease  – I am not saying it – said too much negative…
  4. Secrets: You become aware about your spouse’s secrets ? uh..huh.. Silence Silence..

What does 12th House represents ?

  1. Losses: Do i need to say something – you might already lost your head after reading the above stuff
  2. Expenses: Well I just Bought a Mercedes with a mere pay of Rs 25,000 pm. Well – how am i gonna pay for my bills , petrol, services, family…
  3. Loss of Energy: Well I am tired too typing…
  4. Foreign lands: well i Love it… But I am far from my closed ones – my home town 😦
  5. Hospitals: I would love it if you say you liked this place – unless you are a doctor..
  6. Jails: CRIMINAL .. well i knew you were insane coz you were reading my blogs…

Do I need to say more Bad things… oh Ok…It happens for Good and all..converting adversities to positives..that’s good from MOKSHA Point of view – That’s actually why you are here on Earth..But from Reality and Materialistic Point of you…. OH eewwww…..NO PLEASE…

That’s why they are considered as Dustana (Bad) Houses.



Note that 3rd House is Mild Malefic (Mildly Bad). Why ??? It represents EFFORTS ?? Man..who wants to work so hard….

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” The above writings are just to make you feel how bad can the effects of this houses – and I do not mean or wish the same for anyone. God bless all. Please note that this DUSTANA houses dont always give Bad results – so dont go on fearing Man my Venus is in 8th House – I am gonna die or something… This is just like..A,B,C,D…. Just learn the letters first..WORDS WE WILL FORM LATER and SENTENCES MUCH LATER….”

Hufff… So much to type and learn.. 😦

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#14 Houses – Trikone House – C

We saw the DHARMA and ARTHA house in the previous Blog..


3. KAMA House:

  1. Kama houses are – 3,7,11
  2. Kama represents Desires, Wants, Sexual Pleasures all shorts of pleasures, Ambition in Life, etc.
  3. House 7 represents Spouse – Need for Sexual pleasure, 11th house represents Hopes, wishes, desires, ambition in Life – 3rd House represents creativity or the EFFORTS that you will be putting to achieve the goals



4. MOKSHA House:

  1. It is represented by: 4th, 12th and 8th house
  2. Moksha means Mukti or freedom from the cycles of life and death, liberation.
  3. The 4th house represents HAPPINESS, one can attain happiness only after liberation from materialism and journey to Spiritualism – 12th house which can happen only after death/ transformation/ change represented by the 8th house.



These are the 4 triangles of the Birth Chart..

This ends the important KENDRA and TRIKONE Parts.

Continue reading for more different types of house classification…

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#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses 5-8)

Continued from…

#5 Houses – Part 1 (Houses 1-4)

Lets See the remaining Houses:

5th House: represents – 

  1. Love, Romance
  2. Creativity
  3. Speculation / Gambling
  4. Investment in Stock Markets
  7. Body Part: Stomach 

lyskejf5 2dgfpaq6 indian-share-market creativity1  children-03 k16414888


6th House represents: – ITS A BAD HOUSE – Refered to as ” Dustana” House

  1. Obstructions, Difficulties
  2. Conflicts
  3. Diseases
  4. Accidents
  5. Debts
  6. Litigation
  7. Daily routines
  8. Every day mundane life
  9. Body Part: Intestine


7th House- represents:

  1. Your Spouse
  2. Marriage
  3. Business Partnership
  4. Court Cases
  5. represents OTHER PEOPLE whom you deal with
  6. Body Part: KIDNEY

download        Court.Case.Candle.qkx          other-people-logo-og          spouse-clipart-man-and-woman-dancing-clip-art


8th House: – Its also a DUSTANA House (Considered bad)


  2. DEATH
  4. Transformation/ Change
  5. Anything Hidden – SECRETS
  6. Anything Below Ground
  7. Represents MARRIED LIFE
  9. Occultism
  10. Body Part: – Anus, Genitals

8th.jpg    7-ways-to-maintain-charm-in-your-married-life    death-pictures-10    nutrition-sexual-lifeoccult_mainbanner_2

Don’t get confused .. How can death and Married life be representation of same house. Its just that you see this things from the house. There is a definite Order on How life progresses from and there is a Bhavat Bhavam Concept that we will cover later….Note that its 2nd to 7th house of Marriage – meaning life close to marriage – So represents Married Life AND it is 12th to 9th house of Luck – anything that is 12th to the house represent losses. SO 12th to Luck is Loss of Luck – Death/ Sudden Events/ Changes/ Misfortunes.

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