What is Ascendant, Moon Sign and Sun Sign ?

If you have been reading astrology to know your future, you often come across this terms – Moon or Chandra Rashi, Sun Sign (Western Astrology) and Ascendant (Or the Lagna)

So are you Leo ? or Aquarius ? or Capricorn – No WAIT !!!

Newspaper say my Sun sign as per my Birth date is Aquarius but my Astrologer (Jyotish) says you are Makkar (Capricorn) with Leo Lagna (Ascendant)

Well, what does that mean dont Get Confused ? We crack them all …

You know we see Birth chart as the sky – the sky at the time of your birth. Not today’s sky.

Note where your Sun is placed: In which Sign ? – that becomes your SUN SIGN.

Note where Moon is placed in which sign of the sky the day and time you were born – that becomes your MOON SIGN.

The Ascendant or the Lagna is the SIGN (Not Planet) that rises in the EAST when you were born (or the 1st house)

Lets take an Example. Lets say someone just took birth 2-3 days back. Lets say, 22 October, 2016 at 2:24 pm IST in Mumbai, India.

The Sky at the time of Birth can be represented as below:


Can you point out > What is Sun Sign ? > What is Moon Sign ? > What is Lagna (Ascendant) ?

Sun Sign: Find out where Sun is ? In which Rashi (Not House). Sun is in Libra(7). Sun Sign is LIBRA

You know the Newspaper Horoscope > It says Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23): So since the person was born on 22 October, 2016 – he looks Libra Sun sign for his/her fortune. And see the birth chart – Sun is also in Libra.

Moon Sign / Chandra Rashi: Find out where Moon is ? In which Rashi (Not House). Moon is in Gemini(3). Moon Sign is GEMINI. Note that Moon sign is important as it gives the frame of your mind – Moon is Mind – and in India, Indians get their initial named after Chandra Rashi – Like for Libra -If your moon sign is Libra – your name should start with – Ra, Ru, Re,… In India Astrology TV Readings are based on Moon Signs.

Ascendant / Lagna: It is the Sign rising in the east at the time of Birth. East is represented by the 1 st house. So, Lagna here is CAPRICORN (10)

I hope I have reduced your confusion little…


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October Sky – Transits 2016

Well if you have understood the proper motion of the planet. This blog will enable to let you know which planets are located where in the sky – in which Zodiac Sign in the month of October 2016.

We know we can see the sky in the form of Birth Chart.

So let us see the Sky at present (October 2016) and observe through a telescope from earth. We would see the below image:


So, The Sun is in Libra along with Mercury, Jupiter is  in Virgo(6), Venus and Saturn are in Scorpio and Mars in Sagittarius, Ketu in Aquarius and Rahu in Leo.

Note that Moon changes rashi every 2 and 1/2 days. Moon is represented by a BLACK DOT IN THE ABOVE DIAGRAM. So moon between October 22-24, 2016 will be in Cancer(4) and then for next 2 and 1/2 days will be in Leo with Rahu (Shadow planet in Astrology – Shadow of moon) om 44-26 October and then to Virgo (27-29 Oct) to Libra with Sun and Mercury.

Can we look at Diurnal Motion ?

Yes, Lets say just now we have Scorpio (8) rising in the east – so Scorpio will be in the 1st house (1st house is east). See the chart below:


I haven’t showed all planets to avoid confusion. Now see where Jupiter is ? Its in the 11th House but still in same rashi – Virgo (Look up – above 1st diagram)

Please read old blogs for basics:

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Birth Chart and Sky: Planetary Motion – 5


The question from the previous Blog…

Let say…today is Thursday…And lets say Sun will rise at 6 am and set at 6:30 pm

Now first we need to understandWhere actually the planets are in the sky (in regards to proper motion) Not for TODAY or Today’s Timing. Lets pick the chart form Previous Blog.

Lets say, Saturn is in Scorpio, Jupiter in Aquarius. SUN IN LEO. See diagram. This the actual placement of planets Lets say in SEPTEMBER 2016 (For our understanding).


Consider, Today is Thursday – September 15, 2016 and we will see how these planets (SATURN, JUP and SUN) will appear from earth at different timings.

Let’s say we see the sky at 12 pm Noon. 


Note the following: (AT 12 pm – noon)

  1. FIRST HOUSE Represents EAST and we Shall see Saturn in the EAST (Note SATURN IS IN SCORPIO – No sign Change)
  2. Jupiter is in 4th House – WE WONT BE SEEING IT BECAUSE Its At MIDNIGHT And other half of earth might see Jupiter at MIDNIGHT in Aquarius
  3. SUN IS STILL IN LEO but in 10th house – highest in sky at 12 noon.

Now, Lets say its evening 6:30 pm and Sun is about to set 


Note the following (At 6:30 pm – Sunset – Sky from Earth on 15th Sept 2016 – our example) – MOST IMPORTANT (PLEASE READ)

  1. Sun is in 7th House (WEST) setting. BUT SUN IS STILL IN LEO(5) – Its changed only Houses not the Sign. It will Change the Sign after 1 month (Proper Motion) – We are studying the Daily motion.
  2. Saturn which was earlier seen in the east at 12 pm is at the center of the Sky at 10th house. 
  3. Jupiter which was NOT Seen initially Now APPEARS TO RISE IN EAST AS SUN SETS. Note that Jupiter is STILL IN AQUARIUS – Only it has changed the house. All this is due to Earths Rotation.


  1. Planetary PROPER Motion is movement of Planet From one sign to other. It is slow motion from WEST TO EAST and ANTI CLOCKWISE.
  3. IN FACT THE RASHI MOVES in Daily motion.
  4. Each Rashi changes house in 2 and 1/2 hours.

Its easy once you get..Give a second reading if its difficult. ELSE JUST FORGET IT.. Continue reading Further Blogs…

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Astronomy – Zodiac Part 3

Have you wondered why all planets are seen only in ZODIAC BELT FROM EARTH ??? When the sky is so big.

Please refer previous blogs for understanding the basic.

We know that Zodiac extent is 8 degrees North and South of Ecliptic (Suns apparent orbit around earth). It is Seen that all planets from earth are seen in the Zodiac only.

The possible explanation can be attributed to the following:


In the above diagram, See the orbits of planets are more or less in the same plane See the Red line – the plane. They may be varying maximally may be 10 to 15 degrees but mostly are on same plane. i.e. to say all planets revolving around the sun are more or less in same plane as other planets though they may be in different position but plane of revolution around sun is more or less the same.

Consider this:

the_solar_system_by_icecold555-d55622l - part 2.png

Forget the old orbits. See the orbit of Mercury in Red, Venus in white, Jupiter in Blue Green. Do our planets revolve around the sun in that manner. NO.

If they would have we would have seen the planets distributed in the whole sky and not limited to Zodiac.

Also it is important to note that we are considering the Earth as the center and seeing from earth. So all planets revolving around the Sun more or less in the same plane will always tend to appear only in a particular band referred to as the Zodiac when seen from earth.

Well.. if you find it complicating.. Simply leave it..

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#9 Bhavat Bhavam


Well, this is a concept in Astrology called as Bhavat Bhavam.

Lets start with an example.
Supposing you are seeing an astrological reading for children of a person from the person’s chart. Then to see the person’s children you refer his 5th house. Right ? (#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses 5-8))

But for children you also see 9th house, WHY ???

Well this is the Bhavat Bhavam concept…..See that 9th house is 5th to the 5th house (Follow rules of previous blog for counting). SO this is the Bhavat Bhavam Concept.

Like for Career, Say you see the 10th house – that’s fine straight forward. But as per BHAVAT BHAVAM Concept you also have to see the 10th from the 10th House which is the 7th house – This is the Bhavat Bhavam Concept

It literally translates to Bhava means House in Sanskrit. SO BHAVAT BHAVAM is the House’s House 

Example with different outlook:

Now imagine I had a person’s chart and his father is not currently with him. But the boy wants to know about his Father’s Career and his does not have his father’s chart. So how do you See.. well that’s simple:

All you have to see is the house of Father .. Which is ? Yes the 9th House which represents father. So we know from basics that 10th house in the person’s chart represents his career/ profession.

So in order to see father’s Profession/career we consider Father’s 9th house of Boy’s Chart as 1st House and count 10 houses (as 10th house represents Career) from 9th house of father to see Father’s Career.

So, Counting 10 (Follow Rules as stated in previous blog) it comes to 6th house of the birth chart.

THIS 6th HOUSE of boy (for boy – 6 represents difficulties, job, disease, accidents) represents FATHER’s CAREER (as it is 10th to the Father’s House)

So Father’s Profession can be seen from 6th house of birth chart.

This is an example – The concept can be expanded to all queries.

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#8 House – Counting errors !!!


Well this blog may seem to be the stupidest for the knowers of Astrology. But for the newbies – It is something very important….


Well how do you count a particular House from a house lets say 4th house from 7th. See below


So how do you count 4th house from the 7th house ? CAN YOU ? LET’s SEE….

Did you answer ?

  1. 11th house ??? Like counting from 7th. So – next is 8th then 9th and then 10th and then 11th ??? (Like Say for example what is 4th to 16 ? So you count from next number as 17…., then 18…., then 19… and 20….Right ? Or you may simply add 16+4=20. SO THE NUMBER 4th to 16th is 20 – that’s right mathematically !)
  2. OR the 10th House ???


for Astrology, if you said 11th house you are Wrong.

When you count for charts (ITS A RULE – Don’t ask me Why?) Count from the number itself. So when you are asked to locate 4th house from 7th – You should count STARTING from 7th ITSELF, then 8th, then 9th and finally 10th (At 4th) – So, its the 10th house.

So now tell me, in this chart below:


What is the 5th house to the 3rd house ???


#2 Houses – Basics of Kundli

#3 Houses – Basics of Kundli – Example

Refer in case of confusion…

So, What is the 5th house to the 3rd house ???

If you count – then : 3rd house ITSELF is 1st, 4th house is 2nd, 5th house is 3rd, 6th house is 4th and 7th house is 5th.

So answer is 7th house is 5th to the 3rd house..

Well I think its easy ..Reread the blog…


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