Cracking the Navamsha -5: Mental Maths

In order to quicken the process of making the D9 chart. Follow the hints for faster calculations: (PLEASE READ OLD BLOGS – PART 1-4 – otherwise this will be bouncer)


  1. Always start working from Aries (irrespective of the house Aries is placed in) and dividing it into 9 Parts – its easier if you want to calculate in a time consuming manner.
  2. Note that MOVABLE/CHARA Signs – 1,4,7,10 i.e. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – will always have their 1st part as them itself.
    1. See diagram – Cancer’s 1st part is Cancer itself. Capricorn’s 1st part is Capricorn itself
  3. Then the 1st part of Next signs follows reverse order as : 1-10-7-4. 
    1. IMG_0848.JPG
    2. See 1st diagram – Tauras will have 1st part as 10, Gemini will have 1st part as 7 and Cancer as you know will have 1st part as 4 itself. (Back order 1-10-7-4)
  4. FOR FIXED SIGNS: 2,5 and 8th and 11th – Tauras, Leo and Scorpio, Aquarius – the 5th part of the sign will the sign itself. Example Tauras will have its 5th part as – Tauras itself (Verify in 1st diagram), Leo will have 5th part of Navamsha as Leo itself, Scorpio -5th part as Scorpio itself.
  5.  FOR DIURNAL SIGNS: 3,6,9,12 – Gemini, Virgo and SAGITTARIUS, Pisces – the 9th part of the sign will be itself. Example: 9th part of Gemini will be Gemini itself (Verify in 1st diagram), 9th part of Virgo is Virgo itself and Sag 9th part is Sag itself.
  6. This is the 1-5-9 Rule

From Above rules – Lets say you have CAPRICORN (10).

what can  you mentally deduct ?

Right, 1st part will be 10 So calculate from there on…

OR For, Aquarius – Lets say Mars is in 4th pada/part. Which sign will be Mars in D9 Chart??

You cannot go on calculating from Aries it will be tedious – so apply above rules


Aquarius is FIXED Sign… So its 5th part will have Aquarius (11) itself. (1-5-9 Rule: See 4th Point) So we have Mars in 4th part – SO if 5th has 11 (Aquarius) 4th will be 10(Capricorn).

So, in D9 chart – Mars will be in Capricorn – exalted.

Lets Say if Saturn is in 8th part of Aquarius ..Then >> we know 5th part of Aquarius (11) is Aquarius itself (11) from above rules. SO continue from 5th part  -11, 6th part – 12 (Pisces), 7th Part – 1 (Aries) and the 8th part will be 2 (Tauras). So Saturn in D9 chart will be in Tauras.(birth Chart in Aquarius)

Its Simple… If you cant undrestand – Read from Part 1 or elso just forget it softwares will do it for you… But its Basic and I guess you must know it..

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Cracking the Navamsha -4: An example



Have a look at degrees – without which pada/ part calculation becomes difficult.



Notice Ascendant is 9 degree 3 min. So which part it is. ? Calculate 3D 20M + 3D 20M +3D 20M = 10 degree. So 9 degree and 3 Min falls in 3rd part.Ascendant is in the 3rd part/pada of Cancer.

SO ALWAYS Start from ARIES (Here placed in 10th House) – Divide Aries in 9 parts and start giving sub signs to each part starting from aries as:

10th House – Aries – 9 Parts: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9

11th House – Tauras -9 Parts – Continue 10-11-12-1-2-3-4-5-6

12th House – Gemini – 9 parts – Continue from previous sequence 7-8-9-10-11-12-1-2-3

1st House – Cancer – 9 parts – Continue from previous sequence 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12

Notice that the Ascendant is in 3rd part of Cancer. Which sign does 3rd part of Cancer contain ?? Its – 6th Virgo so the 1st house of Navamsha will have 6- VIRGO and second house will be Libra (7) and so on as normal numbering…


Can you tell me about Mars Sign in D9 from Birth Chart (Don’t look at above diagram)

Mars is at 18D 35M (D-Degree, M-Minutes) in Tauras(2). It is at 6th part/pada of Tauras.

From above sequence the 6th part of Tauras has Gemini(3). So D9 chart Gemini has Mars in it.

Its simple…if you understand…

In the next blog we look at tips for faster mental calculation…


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Cracking the Navamsha – 3

We know that rashi of 30 degree is divided into 9 parts (Navamsha) – each of 3 degree 20 minutes.

The First part (Or pada) of ARIES (start from Aries always – whichever house it is placed in) is given A SIGN (Sub sign) starting from Sub signs Aries (1), then Tauras (2), then Gemini(3), and so on till Pisces (12). After Pisces (12) it restarts as Aries(1) and sequence continues….

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9: First Rashi  Aries..

10-11-12-1-2-3-4-5: Second Rashi say Tauras..

and the sequence continues….

If lets say 1st House has GEMINI(3) then 1st part will not be 1(Aries) it will be 7 (Libra). (See diagram circled below at 7 for Gemini – it is its 1st part)Note that sequence start from Aries.

I ll make it bit more complex look at the diagram..


Sorry for the pen Smudges.. 😦

Consider the 1st house has Aries (Bold marked as 1). We divide Aries in 9 parts (Navamsha).And give each part a sign starting from 1 (aries) as explained above. See diagram also.

Come to 2nd house – which has Tauras. We again divide Tauras in 9 parts and each part is given a sign in sequence of continuation from the last part of Aries which is 9. So the 1st part of the Tauras (See diagram – part circled in 2nd house) has the number 10 (Capricorn) – continuation of sequence…

Go to 3rd house: 3rd Sign Gemini is also divided into 9 parts and the parts receive numbering based on previous sign sequence of parts as 7 (Libra) to 3 . (7-8-9-10-11-12-1-2-3: see Diagram)

This continues… Hope you understood .. we will clear the example of previous blog in the next blog…

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Cracking the Navamsha -2 (D9 Chart)

We all are aware of Birth Chart. Well there are many charts – one of them is the most important chart called as D9 chart or the Navamsha.

It is a chart where you can see – Your future in terms of late 30’s, your spouse. Its as important as your birth chart.

We all know birth chart has houses and signs placed in it.



Lets have look at D9-Chart or the NAVAMSHA Chart obtained from the birth chart



See that the 1st house of Birth chart has Cancer (4) and the D9 chart has Virgo (6) at the 1st house.

How is D9 chart obtained from Birth chart ???

Lets understand that in the next blog…

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Cracking The Navamsha – 1

What is Navamsha ?

Nava means 9 and amsha means Parts in Sanskrit.

It means each sign/ Rashi /house is of 30 degrees. When we divide a sign in 9 parts its called NAV(9)AMSHA(parts).

So 30/9 = 3 degree and 20 mins (No its not maths decimals – its degrees so it comes down to 3 degree and 20 min)

Each part of the rashi (30 degree) is of 3 degree 20 minutes on 9 divisions. Each of the 9 divisions may be called as Pada.

1 Rashi = 9 x (3 degree 20 min ) = 30 degree


A rashi divided into 9 parts is called Navamsha.

How do Planets move ??? – Planetary Motion – 1

Planets basically show 2 types of motion:

  1. Diurnal Motion
  2. Proper Motion

Diurnal (Daily) Motion:

We are seeing planets from earth. Everyday we see the sun rising in the east and sets in west. So do the other planets appear to be moving from east to west DAILY.

Note that this is apparent motion – we see planets moving because actually the earth is moving and we are on the earth so we act as stationary observer.

So from Earth, all planets including sun and even the rashis (12) seem to appear to be moving from east to west DAILY.

Proper Motion:

It is the actual motion of the planet – as the planet moves from one sign to other. This movement is SLOW depending on the planet.


This may seem to be contradictory…

Remember planets aways move from one sign to other in order… Like from Aries(1) to Taurus (2) to Gemini (3) and so on….

Lets have one old diagram re-loooked


Note that at 10 am, Sun will be in Gemini (for this example), at 6 pm it may still be in Gemini but the entire sign of Gemini (Each sign takes approx 2 and half hours to move) will be in the west instead of current position and therefore sun appears to be setting. But sun still remains in Gemini (as per proper motion)

So Sun rises in east and sets in west. This is what an observer may see from earth. THIS IS DIURNAL MOTION – Daily Motion of the Sun/ any other planet.

Note that Sun its proper motion will travel (Proper motion is the motion of Sun itself against the background of Constellations). From Gemini to Cancer. Sun takes  approx 1 month to change sign as per proper motion.

The PROPER MOTION of all planets is from Aries(1) to Taurus (2) to Gemini (3) and so on….till Pisces (12) and from Pisces back to Aries and so on …

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